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About us

With each & every business opportunity, we love to connect and build a lifelong happy relationship with our clients.​

Thriving on professionalism, excellence and perfection, all the services that we offer, automatically become essential co-deliverable in this relationship.

Being in the industry for more than 25 years, we would love to put all our knowledge and experience, not just to help our clients make smart choices, but to seamlessly implement those choices of technology & solutions in their space.

Think you need an AV System in your space? Think AudViC.

From site visits for understanding your needs, to most optimum system design & demonstrations, from sales, to installation, testing & commissioning, from training & technical support to various types of maintenance contracts, we have you covered for all things technical. And then some.


Think you need an AV System in your space? Think AudViC.

With technology changing close to speed of sound, it takes more than a few engineering geek heads to understand the complexity of Professional AV Products & their convergence with IT, IoT and AI very well. Being in a non-consumer segment, the professional AV products, technologies & solutions still remain much of a mystery for most of common people.



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We specialise in understanding your requirements and provide an affordable yet high quality service. Here's our body of work in a snippet.

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